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. him.when john dolan was condition...his 7-year-old &phusky "zander" took it hard. &ppo ooe day ander broke out o his bay shore home and made pospital....likely crossinn a four lane roaddto get there. a poopital employee found the dog outside of the was a visitthis owner says hh'll never forget. "he's my boy. i mman, we dont have children. we haae 3 beautiful dogs. he's my buddy. i walk with him a lot so we lot."a couple of dayy later owner a 2-nd time. 3 that's all for
't know how he got there. >> reporter: john dolan was laying in his hospital bed when he got a call from an employee with an urgent message. >> i have your dog. >> reporter: how could a dog have known his owner was in the hospital two miles away? animal experts say it's a mystery. but some dogs can do this. >> this dog can get out of that yard and start wandering around and wind up in front of that hospital, it's like one in a million. >> reporter: nobody knows how zander made it there because he had never been to the hospital before. he would have to pass by a stream, cross a busy highway and navigate through neighborhood streets to get there. he was a starving shelter dogged rescued by the dolans five years ago. john and zander took daily walks around the neighborhood. so, when john was hospitalized, zander was distraught. >> of course. we're buddies. he came to see me. >> reporter: his 70-pound husky is like a son to him. and zander's devotion truly shows why dogs are called man's best friend. >> i think i have a new best friend this morning. this dog is so cute. john and priscilla do
walked more than 2 miles to find its owner. john dolan was sick in the hospital in new york. next the hospital found the dog and the staff called the phone number on the dog's license. it turns out the dog was in the lobby at the hospital. zander was in the hospital, a white husky and he walked along a highway crossed a stream all to get to his best friend. >> my wife priscilla was just saying, the whole time i was gone he is sitting in my spot on the bed in a ball. >> he will always remember that john brought him home from the shelter and i think that's where the loyalty comes from. >> dogs like zander have three million scent glands that help them track. lawrence was just asking. there is your answer. in this case the owner in the hospital. so that was nice. >>> 4:57. it didn't come up in the debate so why is mitt romney now saying something about the 47%? >> plus, airline anxiety. american grounds half of its fleet of 757s. how the slipping seats problem is affecting bay area flights. >> i'm glad i filled up my gas tank yesterday because just overnight, they have risen about 16
, a little dog. >> i think something was involved and the second one was john dolan hospitalized last week and dog zander had to be by the owner's bedside and broke out of the home and made it to the good samaritan hospital more than two miles away just to be by his side. >> a great story. >> and a quick one, which i did a measuring, online, actually more like speed dating, do it in person and had the first online chat today. >> you're speed dating? >> no. >> where do they stock up. >> keep listening, and you can read the transcript and kimberly one of the questions from a young lady just got offered a new job in the a different city and afraid to leave her family. bonus round mentoring question, what do you think about this. >> god opens new doors, be courageous and try something new, worse case scenario come back home. i moved to new york didn't know anybody here and worked out here and genuine friends. >> must have been tough for you. >> i'm serious, try new-- >> speed dating. >> oh, no, minutemen to mentori. >> a great week in politics, you know, unbelievable, which is this is the anim
.when john dolan was hospitalized with a skin condition...his 7-year-old &phusky "zander" took it
new york home shortly after his owner, john dolan had to be hospitalized with a skin condition, and he actually ran several miles, to the hospital. where an employee found him outside the building where he was being treated and they believe that he was able to follow the scent of his owner. they adopted him five years ago from the shelter and nursed him back from the brink of starvation. >> arthel: incredible dogs. we are five days away from the next big presidential debate. and, the vice presidential debate is coming up and joe biden, vice president joe biden and republican vp nominee congressman paul ryan facing off thursday night and how much of an impact will the debate have on the november election? susan estrich, a fox news contributor and professor of law and political science at the university of southern california. let's do it. we are operating within the margin of error. general consensus, saying president obama was less than effervescent in the first of the debates. but, those latest... >> effervescent is kind. >> arthel: the poll numbers -- i try. the poll numbers, the gov
, he escaped from his new york home after his owner john dolan was hospitalized with a skoo skin condition. he ran several miles to the hospital where an employee found him outside the building where dolan was being treated. dolans believe that zander was able to follow the scented. they adopted him and they nursed him from the back from the brink of starvation. great story. to another unbelievable story, gas prices in california hitting an all time high. aaa reporting that a cost for gallon of regular gas jumped 12 cents overnight bringing the total 4.61, that 80 cents higher than the national average. is there any relief in sight. dominic is financial advisor joins us. hopefully, there is good news. first of all, why the high prices? what is causing this? >> again we had a similar problem. there is short term problems that are kind of unique to california. they had another refinery outage earlier in the week and that caused really shortages in the summer blend they need. earlier firings in august. the sum of perfect storm incidents have created a short term problem. hopefully w
november 1st. >>> finally this hour, that special bond between a dog and his human companion, john dolan was admitted to the hospital last week, and his faithful buddy was so upset about it, he set out to track his owner down. guess what? he found him more than 2 miles away. he likely went under a parkway and across a busy four-lane road to get to the hospital. but a hospital worker found the dog on the street outside the building. a couple of days later, the dog tried a sec visit. got to come home, dad. >> stories like that are amazing. really are. >>> apple cider, hay rides and pumpkins waiting for you at cox farm in centreville. we're live coming up at 8:00. >> funny man tom papa is stopping by the fox studios. he is in the district for two standup performances. >> funny guy. remember this guy? i remember him fondly. former redskins' kicker joins us live in studio coming up at 8:30. and it's good! that's nice to see.  >>> stopping the spread of a deadly infection. at least 35 people sickened from a tainted steroid and health officials say thousands more could be at risk. >> plu
home last week and walks one and a half miles to the hospital so he can see his owner. john dolan was in the hospital for a few days and apparently his 7-year-old husky named zander couldn't handle the separation and walked to the hospital. an employee found him on the street outside the building where dolan was being treated. >> i mean, he was either on his way to new jersey and stopped by the hospital because of the smells of the bacon and food from the cafeteria or he was coming to see me. i don't know. it's an incredible story. i didn't believe it either. you know, it's funny. right, big boy? huh? >> yeah. the dolans adopted zander from a shelter five years ago and nursed him back from starvation and said he has been like a son ever since. how did that dog know where the hospital was? >> maybe he lives five minutes from the hospital. >> a mile and a half. wouldn't take that long. a speedy dog could get there. but nonetheless. >> makes for a great story. >> absolutely right. dogs are clearly everybody's best friend. >> at least i think so. >> speaking of the weather story, a li
best friend this morning. this dog is so cute. john and priscilla dolan, coming into the studio. zander's crying a little bit. i'm not sure why. he's excited. is there any doubt in your mind that he was coming to see you? or is there any chance this was a coincidence? >> well, i mean, he was on his way to the hospital. was he on his way to hollywood? i don't know. >> after this, yes. priscilla, what do you think? >> i think he was looking for john. he was very sad when john was gone. very sad and mopey. i think he missed him. >> what was your initial reaction when you found out he came to the hospital? >> we couldn't believe it. i was sleeping. and i got a call. i was like, oh, my god. what's he doing there? >> you're sitting in the hospital bed. and some guy calls you from outside the hospital and says, i found your dog. where are you? he says, come and get the dog. i have to go to work. i have to be to work in five minutes. called me at ten to 6:00. i'm in the hospital. i have to call my wife and get back to you. i got ahold of priscilla. and the gentleman said, i told him the story.
with an appearance on john stewart's daily show yesterday, and ann romney courted women voters on "the view." last night's brief moments of peace may have been brokered by cardinal timothy dolan, they'll are be short lived. monday's debate won't be so pleasant. >> monday's debate is a little bit different because the topic is foreign policy. spoiler alert, we got bin laden. >> people seem to be curious as to how we prepare for the debates. let me tell you what i do, first refrain from alcohol for 65 years before the debate. second, find the biggest available straw man and mercily attack it. big bird didn't even see it coming. >> reporter: these are the numbers heading into the last debate. the clear politics average of polls shows the president falling somewhat after the first debate. mitt romney rising quite a bit, but look how close it is right now. in washington, doug luzader, fox news. >> funny stuff there from the candidates. thank you, doug. >>> heads up for drivers from virginia state police. the president's visit to fairfax will mean traffic changes. from 10:00 until 1:00 this afternoon an
than half of catholic voters chose president bush, even though his opponent, john kerry, is catholic. in 2008, more than half of catholic voters chose obama. flash forward to this year, both parties had america's highest profile catholic, new york archbishop timothy dolan give the closing. and i want to bring in eric mara podi. you live this, study this. conservative catholics would never vote for obama and biden because of their views on abortion, more progressive catholics question the morality of the romney/ryan budget choices. which do you believe is the more predominant view among american catholics? >> i think it is close to split dead even on this. i traveled around the country and talked to people and report on this all over. we see a pretty even divide and i think the two gentlemen we saw on the stage, vice president biden and congressman ryan are the perfect embodiment of each of those two sides. you know, with congressman ryan, he's the kind of guy who might be out on the march for life in washington, coming down the road here in a few months in washington where they're pr
Search Results 0 to 19 of about 20 (some duplicates have been removed)